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Provides its users the ability to record Voice Messages for a length of up to 10 minutes, per message, and store and deliver the Recipient's messages for up to 100 years.

The customer records the message to be delivered in the future. The customer records the message through the Swiss message bank platform
The message is encrypted and stored in the Amazon server for the up to 100 years
The message is processed through a call center. The message gets delivered at the time and date designated by the customer on a form of phone call
The message recipient can listen to the message on phone, or he/she can download the SWISS MESSAGE BANK application and store and listen to the message forever.
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Sign up screen

Please fill out the data to enable your access to your messages in the future. Passwords must be 8 characters, including one number. You can also sign up with your Facebook profile.

Wallet screen

The Wallet feature provides you two options to record messages.

Purchase messages

Use this option to purchase messages that will be stored in your Wallet. You may record these messages at your convenience. There is no expiration date on purchased messages. Select this option which requires that the recipient must pay for the message upon delivery. These messages must have a delivery date of no longer that ten years (120) months. These messages may not be changed or edited, unless paid for.

Recording screen

You may STOP the recording and CONTINUE the recording at any time, during your 10-minute time allotment. You may also RECORD NEW once you have stopped the current recording, however, this will erase the previous recording. Once you have finished the recording, please press Deposit to save your message.

Record new message screen

You can start recording your message by pushing the RECORD button. You will be allowed to leave a voice message for up to 10 Minutes in length and store it for up to 100 years.

When to deliver screen

You may select the person who shall receive your message (RECIPIENT). Please add the Recipients full name, phone number and email address. For safety you may decide to add an additional phone number as a trustee. If a Message can not be delivered to the Recipient it will be sent to the Trustee. You can use your phone’s address book. The Recipient Data can be updated at any time. Please decide whether you PAY NOW for the message, or Recipient should be asked to pay upon delivery.

Edit message screen

You may listen to, edit and also RE-RECORD your message here. The EDIT button allows you to also change the delivery time and the contact data for the Recipient and of the Trustee. After a period defined in SMB's Terms of Service only those messages for which the service fees were paid can be edited.

Messages screen

You may select, access and edit your messages here. Please note that after a period defined in SMB's Terms of Service only those messages can be edited for which the service fees have been paid.

Change when to deliver screen

Please modify the delivery date and Recipient's contact data, also if selected the additional phone number of the Trustee. After a period determined in SMB's Terms of Service only those messages can be edited for which the service fees were paid.

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