NO! Swiss Message Deposit’s systems technology makes it impossible.  Once the Message is uploaded from your “Smart Device” it is encrypted and put into the Amazon Cloud servers, where it will be SAFE and CONFIDENTIAL for 100 years. Amazon uses the most advanced technology in its system to protect, secure and keep confidential all data stored. 

Yes! You may Erase a PAID or RECIPIENT PAYS Message at any time, prior to a delivery date. Erasing a previously stored RECIPIENT PAYS Message will require payment. Once you Erase a Message you must start the re-record of a new Message from the beginning.
Yes, you may change the content and delivery date on PAID Messages any time. By RECIPIENT PAYS Messages editing the message will require payment. SMB will store the RECIPIENT PAYS Message for 10 years, at no cost to the Provider. 

Please contact our local marketing representative agent. You may also reach us on our website (www.swissmessagebank.com). Here you will also find the detailed Terms and conditions.

Swiss Message Bank will deliver the Message by using its “Notifications Process”, which makes several attempts to contact the Recipient. The Notification attempts include E-Mails, telephone calls and SMS (text) messages. Up to date contact information of the Recipient that the Provider has provided, as well as the specified delivery date, is what shall govern the delivery of all Messages.  Swiss Message Bank may purge/delete the Message, without any further notification’s, other than the notifications provided, if all attempts to contact the Recipient have failed.
Once your Message has been deposited you will be asked to provide the Recipients contact information. It is very important that you provide accurate and up to date contact information. If you wish to edit or update the contact data of the Recipient you will be able to do that later. When the delivery time comes, you will be “Notified” prior to the scheduled delivery of a Message and provided the opportunity to update/change the Recipients contact information and content. Please also note that editing the Message may require payment for the services.  On the scheduled date of Message delivery, the Recipient will be notified that he/she is the Recipient of a Swiss Message Bank Message and our system will then deliver the Message on the date and time scheduled by the Provider. The Recipient will have the possibility to download our smartphone application, retrieve and store a message and listen to it multiple times. 
You can still deposit your Message in SMB’s system. When the time comes, the Recipient will receive a notification that he/she has a Message awaiting. This notification shall advise the Recipient that in order to receive the Message he/she needs to pay for the services through the Apple App Store, or the Google Play Store. Please note that a Recipient Pays Message must be delivered within a 10 Year period (120 Months) from the date of Deposit. 
After you have recorded and deposited your Message you will be provided two options: 1) Recipient Pays, and 2) Pay Now. If you wish to pay for the Message press Pay Now. You will then be directed to the payment screen.
We store your messages in the safest place on Earth. SMB knows the value of your Message and uses the most advanced technology in its system. SMB’s system and procedures provides you the highest level of Privacy and Confidentiality, for all of your Messages. Our system also insures that your Messages will always be delivered as you requested. Our “Notification” procedures, before a Messages delivery, provides our customers with the tools to insure their Message is delivered, as they instructed.

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