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Swiss Message Bank (SMB) provides its users the ability to record Voice Messages for a length of up to 10 minutes per message, and store and deliver the Recipient’s messages for up to 100 years on a specific Month/date/ and time of day. All messages are encrypted and archived on the Amazon Cloud, providing the Provider and the Recipient of the message the highest level of Confidentiality.

Once the message has been recorded the Provider of the voice message may schedule a delivery date for any specific message to a designated Recipient. The Swiss Message Bank system shall provide the Provider specific instructions on how to schedule a desired date, over a period of 100 years, and a specific/date, time and hour for delivery. Once scheduled, delivery dates and times, for Paid messages, may be changed by the Provider, at any time.

Swiss Message Bank’s Proprietary and user-friendly system offers the Provider of Voice messages the ability to easily record their messages, at their convenience, by using a “free” downloadable app, which is available from the Apple Store or Google Play. Our unique and proprietary app provides the user the ability to record, listen, edit, cancel or re-schedule delivery of any message anytime, at his/her convenience from his/her smart device (mobile phone). It also provides the designated Recipients of Messages the ability to receive a message, at their convenience, via their smart device from any place in the world. Swiss Message Bank operates its technologically advanced software platform, utilizing “encryption” of all messages and state of the art ‘Storage” on Amazon Cloud servers, located throughout the world. Swiss Message Bank’s “Privacy Policy” offers the Provider of messages the ultimate of enhanced privacy protection, for a lifetime.

Swiss Message Bank allows the Provider of voice messages the ability to include any content in the message, they wish. Consequently, the Encrypted messages may include, but not be limited to:

1) Messages from the elderly and ill, to loved ones and friends, which may include; acknowledgement of special events which include; birthdays, holidays, marriages, anniversary’s, other special dates, remembrances, as well as tutorial messages for loved ones including, spouses, children, grandchildren or special people, which could be delivered by a schedule of delivery dates provided by the Provider which span a period of many years.

2) Personal messages and information for family, friends and associates which could include, but not limited to; reminders, proprietary and confidential data, secrets as well as any safekeeping data etc.

3) Business, legal and organizational notifications, communications and notifications that are extremely proprietary and or specific date orientated, to avoid financial losses, interruptions of business, litigation etc. Your messages will always be archived on a Confidential basis, to be viewed by only the Provider or the Recipient.

Swiss Message Bank’s Privacy Policy, which may be viewed on our web site at www.swissmessagebank.com, insures that no one other than the designated Recipient or Provider of the message will ever be provided access to their respective messages. Furthermore; Swiss Message Bank shall not have any access to recorded and deposited messages. However, the Provider, at any time, will be able to access their deposited and Paid messages and change the recorded content, change the recipient’s delivery date, delete the message, or re-record the message.

The parent company, Swiss Message Deposit, AG, is headquartered in Zug Switzerland.

For more Information, please visit:  www.swissmessagebank.com

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